Season 6 on DVD
Full House Season 6 will be out on DVD on March 27, 2007. Read the full story here.

Edit (12th december): I added the artwork to the the news section.
Posted on 01 Dec 2006 by Webmaster

For the last 3 months I have been harassed with up to 50 spam emails a day, most of them from my forms, the script my host offers appearantly isn't too secure. I now ask you to confirm that you're not a spambot when you submit some of them, just be aware.

If you have sent an affiliate request suring the last 2 months and I have not added you yet, then your email probably got deleted with the spam. Please resubmit and I will add you.

Thanks for your attention
Posted on 01 Dec 2006 by Webmaster

Uh oh
Unfortunately for you guys the everything might take a while longer. My computer broke, so that will temporarily kill my plans. Ah well.
Posted on 28 Nov 2006 by Webmaster

Back from vacation
Got back last weekend and I have started cleaning the place up. The forum is half done, but I won't put it up till everything is sorted out. The quizzes are still broken and they need to be fixed. Also a new layout is in place.

The Episode, quote and character quizzes are going on hiatus for a while. It is just taking too much time for me at the moment.

Yesterday I updated the affiliates, added some quotes and added a link.

Sorry for the informality, it's late at night and I am on a jetlag:p
Posted on 21 Nov 2006 by Webmaster

Vacation time
Hey guys. I know some of the quizzes don't work and I have tried to fix it, but something fishy is going on. I just reuploaded the files but they aren't working and I have no clue why not. I'm gonna try one last thing when I find time for it.

Tomorrow morning I am off on a 2 month vacation to the United States to see my boyfriend, family and friends again. I might get the chance to do updates from there, but I'm not sure. You'll just have to see.

See you all later:)
Posted on 20 Sep 2006 by Webmaster

We're back
It's all been done - I've moved to another ISP with 2 lovely GB of storage (compared to the 100MB I used to have). I am very pleased so far except that I have to upload all the files again. Finding some of them on my computer is a challenge, but most stuff should be working.

If you notice something that is not working correctly, like a picture not showing up, feel free to comment and let me know. Thanks for the help:=)

- The forms are now working like they should, including the 3 monthly quizzes.
- The Which FH guy/girl are you quizzes are fixed.
- The character quizzes are still having some technical difficulties.
Posted on 13 Sep 2006 by Webmaster

Wallpaper and affiliates
I added one Tanner girls wallpaper, some Quotes and 2 Affiliates today. I also fixed some parts of the layout I didn't like.

I have started the process of switching hosts for my domain. I probably won't do any updates till it's all done. In 2 weeks I'm going on vacation to the USA, but updates might come anyways. The forum is not dead, as soon as the host thing is taken care of I will get to work on it.
Posted on 09 Sep 2006 by Webmaster

Season 5 DVD artwork is out
Go to the news page to preview the DVD box.
Posted on 07 Sep 2006 by Webmaster

News update and quotes
Updated the news page - Full House Season 5 will be out on DVD i december! I also added more fansubmitted Quotes
Posted on 05 Sep 2006 by Webmaster

Just a quick update
One new affiliate, a few new quotes and the latest edition of Doug Fowler's Chronology was added.
Posted on 29 Aug 2006 by Webmaster

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