Forms fixed!
The problem was my host but I fixed it now, all the forms are back up again. I added the character, episode and quote quizzes and I will keep them for September too. I also added one affiliate.

Some legal stuff concerning my domain is taking some extra time so there will be a while till the forum is up:(
Posted on 19 Aug 2006 by Webmaster

Site news and affiliates
I found out what was wrong with the script and I tried to edit the code but it wouldn't work. I am fairly busy these days so I am not going to find a new one right now, I am moving hosts anyways pretty soon. I'll do my best to have the monthly quizzes back for september.

I added some more Quotes and two new affiliates today.
Posted on 13 Aug 2006 by Webmaster

Forms not working
I don't know what happend but my email form script decided to die. It looks like it stopped working around when august started. If you have used any of the forms to send me messages/affiliate requests and such please email me instead. The monthly quizzes will be on a short hiatus until I get the problem fixed. My email address is under site stats to the left.
Posted on 08 Aug 2006 by Webmaster

Monthly Quizzes updated
Since it's summer and we should be outside enjoying the sun I really shouldn't do this, but I updated the Episode, Quote and Character quizzes today.

Edit: So my mail script decided not to work anymore. I'll have to investigate that since I haven't done anything with it. I'll let the world know when I fixed it so you can do the quiz, I haven't recieved any emails this month.
Posted on 02 Aug 2006 by Webmaster

Lyrics, Affiliates ++
I uploaded 7 lyrics to the Library - 4 Elvis songs and 3 Jesse songs. I also added one affiliate, a couple of link me buttons and more Quotes.
Posted on 24 Jul 2006 by Webmaster

I added two wallpapers and more fan submitted quotes tonight.
Posted on 21 Jul 2006 by Webmaster

Lots of updates
I'm glad you liked the Quotes so I added some more of them. Along with 3 new affiliates, some link updates and some screencaps from Middle Age Crazy. These are on the site too, not on Sony imagestation.

The forum is taking a while. I am transfering my domain from one person to another and the company that I've registered with is lazy. After that I am moving to a new host, then I can make the forum. It might be august till it's done. But we're suppose to be outside enjoying the sun anyways:p
Posted on 12 Jul 2006 by Webmaster

I added a page of memorable quotes, already there are fans submitting their favorites. Keep sending them.
Posted on 09 Jul 2006 by Webmaster

Quizzes updated
The Episode, Quote and Character quizzes are updated.
Posted on 03 Jul 2006 by Webmaster

New affiliate
One new affiliate added today. I have been busy lately so that is the reason for the lack of updates. I will change the monthly quizzes tomorrow I promise. I am also moving my domain to another webhost and I am waiting with the forum until the change is done. Hopefully that will happend within a month. Have a nice summer everyone:)
Posted on 02 Jul 2006 by Webmaster

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