New Quiz + Icons
I added a Becky Quiz for you guys and I made a new DJ Quiz award. I also uploaded some icons made by Full House Maniac. If you could please email me back about the credit, my emails to you keep bouncing back....
Posted on 19 Jun 2006 by Webmaster

Happy 3rd Birthday Tanner Central!
My little site is growing up, hehe. And to celebrate I bring you a bunch of updates:

+ Michelle folder icons
+ Lots of new pictures, in the following categories: Danny, Michelle, Becky, Jesse & Michelle, Katsopolis, Other, Cast, Girls, Promos, John, Jodie, Andrea, Scott, Dave and Lori.
+ New Danny, Jesse, Joey and Full House quiz awards
+ The rest of the season 4 DVD artwork is here
+ Fanmail addresses updated with Dyland and Blake's contact info
+ One new Jesse and Michelle wallpaper added.
+ One new link added to the others section.
+ 4 new sound clips added

I have decided that there will be a forum! It will not happend in the nearest future though. I have decided to host it myself, which means I have to learn MySQL first. I was going to anyways, but now I have an extra good excuse.
Posted on 08 Jun 2006 by Webmaster

The Episode, Quote and Character quizzes are updated.

Edit [4th june]: Added one Icon and one Affiliate tonight.
Posted on 03 Jun 2006 by Webmaster

Quizzes updated
I installed a new script to handle the quizzes so if you win you get the award right there and then:) This is only for the FH, Danny, Jesse, Joey, DJ, Steph and Michelle quizzes for now. I have changed some of the questions and when I have time I will make new awards. Right now exams are stealing my attention.

To the person looking for the last BG pattern - I got the pattern from
Posted on 29 May 2006 by Webmaster

DVD artwork
The Full House Season 4 DVD artwork is here, go to news to see it.
Posted on 18 May 2006 by Webmaster

Nothing much
Just two new affiliates and one new Olsen link. I'm planning to stay up all night so there might be more:p
Posted on 16 May 2006 by Webmaster

Monthly quizzes back
In case you missed them, the Episode, Quote and Character quizzes are back up.
Posted on 01 May 2006 by Webmaster

New layout
Hope you like:) Lemme know if you overcome any problems...

I am still working on some of the colours so some stuff might look a bit funky. It will be fixed soon. Fixed
Posted on 30 Apr 2006 by Webmaster

Tanner Central Forum
I've been toying with the forum idea for a while, but there's no point in adding one if you guys don't care, hehe. So I created a poll and/or you could leave me a comment. I'm still looking into different hosts so I am also curious of which boards you have a login on, someone you recommend or hate and stuff like that.

Would you like to see a Tanner Central Forum?

Yes, I'd love it!
Sure, but I won't have time to visit too much
I don't really care
Don't add one

Now I'm off to prepare the may quizzes, they will be up on monday:)
Posted on 29 Apr 2006 by Webmaster

I'm back
California and Seattle was great! now it is time for exams. But I do have a few updates:

News updated - FH season 4 will be out on DVD in August! I also uploaded one wallpaper and a new quiz - Which FH guy are you?
Posted on 28 Apr 2006 by Webmaster

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