Going away....
I'm going on a field trip to NASA in California for 2 weeks and then I'm visiting my family and friends in Seattle:). I won't be back until april 26th so there won't be any new episode, quote and character quizzes. If you decided to take the other quizzes - know that your award won't be in your inbox until the end of april.

See you all later, now it's time to pack....
Posted on 28 Mar 2006 by Webmaster

I made some new Jesse and Michelle icons and I also added a few Sally made.

Edit: I uploaded the complete Full House Chronology Doug Fowler wrote. It's a DOC file. Click on the link to download.

Do you want me to bring back the poll? In which case comment here or tag me.
Posted on 25 Mar 2006 by Webmaster

Icons and screencaps
Today I added 8 Jesse/John and Stephanie icons, a couple of new link me buttons and Sally were so kind to give me a set of screencaps from Our Very First Show. More screencaps will be up soon.
Posted on 15 Mar 2006 by Webmaster

Music and stuff
I uploaded a sound clip of Jesse and Michelle today, updated the news and I added one more affiliate. More screencaps are coming soon - I created a login for you guys to use if you don't have an accout with ImageStation. Now I'm going to send out the quiz awards - I've been home for winter break for a week. Cheerio peeps:)
Posted on 13 Mar 2006 by Webmaster

John Stamos folder icons
I added some John folder icons for you guys.
Posted on 01 Mar 2006 by Webmaster

Monthly quizzes updated
Hi. Since it's february I updated the Episode, Quote and Character quizzes today. Go have fun!
Posted on 01 Feb 2006 by Webmaster

New LJ icons
Hi. I've added 6 new LJ icons for you guys. I might add more before the day is over. The reason for the decreased number of updates is that I am converting my quizzes to a new format where you will recieve the awards at the spot if you passed the quiz. I am still working on the configurations, hopefully that will be sorted out soon.

Edit: Added a few new link me banners.
Posted on 28 Jan 2006 by Webmaster

Small update
I revamped the guestbook and added one affiliate today. More updates will hopefully arrive later this week, right now I have a huge test to study for....
Posted on 23 Jan 2006 by Webmaster

New script installed
As you see I've installed a new program for my updates. Right now I don't have anything for you guys but I am working on it. Feel free to add a comment and tell me what you want more of at Tanner Central.

Have a still good weekend
Posted on 21 Jan 2006 by Webmaster

We're back!
New layout, hope you like it. I have added some Candace folder icons and updated the Episode, Quote and Character quizzes. I also have a couple of new affiliates, and a few link me buttons.

If you experience any trouble with the forms please let me know. I have tested everything, but you never know with technology, hehe.
Posted on 28 Feb 2006 by Webmaster

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