Note: I'm storing my screencaps @ Sony Imagestation because I have so bloody many of them. You need to have an accout to be able to view the screencaps. It's free to get one but if you don't want to bother I made one for my visitors:

username: tannercentral
password: tcguest

These episodes are currently available:

Our Very First Show
OVFS (second set, better quality, less caps)
Our Very First Night
The First Day of School
The Return of Grandma
Daddy's Home
The Big 3-0
But Seriously Folks
Mad Money

Middle Age Crazy

Under The Influence
Arrest Me Merry Gentleman
DJ's Choice
Dateless in San Francisco
Michelle Rides Again 1
Michelle Rides Again 2

Season 1 Credits
Season 3 Credits
Season 8 Credits