About Tanner Central

This is not the Official Full House website, which is located here. This is just a fansite and I have no contact with any of the cast or crew. As of 2009 the site is not updated, but will remain online as a source of Full House information. The forum closed in 2011.

Brief history:
Tanner Central was opened on 8th of June 2003, as Kristine's Full House Page. As one of the few Full House fansites at the time it became popular and expanded fast. First limited to information and the image gallery it soon offered interactive quizzes, fanfiction and fan art. Towards 2007 things started slowing down as the fan base grew up and got busy with other things. Such is life. It has now been almost 20 years since Full House ended, but I am proud of how far my little website came, and I intend to keep it online as long as I have my domain.

Site revamps:
29 January 2009
8 June 2008 (5th birthday)
1 April 2007
27 January 2007
2 January 2007
30 April 2006
1 March 2006
11 October 2005
1 April 2005
8 June 2004
12 March 2004
8 June 2003 (site opened)

Tools I use:
HTML: Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and NotePad
Graphics: Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Fireworks
Animations: Adobe Image Ready
Scripts: see credits

Copyright policy:
Everything on this site is written by me, and I appreciate that you ask before you borrow! Give credit when applicable. If you feel that I have taken something that is yours, contact me and we will work it out.